So You Want To Buy A Crystal?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in crystals, or have just started reading about them and are curious which ones to buy. Crystals seem to be a trendy item to have, at the moment, as you will see them everywhere from your yoga studio, to high end designers using them in their fashion lines, to celebrities carrying them around.

So why do we love crystals so much? Well, first off, they are really pretty to look at. Crystals are eye-candy, and that is why you see so many jewelry designers using them. I remember seeing a John Keats quote one time, ” A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”  While I won’t get into all of the implications of this idea generally, I will when it comes to crystal. Touching a crystal is a gift, partly due to its aesthetic power, but the energy of a crystal is a gift onto itself. So, if you’ve been feeling left out of the crystal craze, if you think crystals are cool and stuff but feel like you “don’t get it,” then this post is for you.

The most common question I get from everyone who is even slightly interested in crystals, how do I pick the right one? So I thought I’d take the time to help you out on your new path to crystal healing. Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty simple.

Real quick, I want to give you a back story on how my first crystal found me. It was the winter of 2007, I had been living in New York City for about a year and I was walking to one of my favorite spots with a friend. This gypsy woman came out of her shop and stopped me on the side walk and proceeded to tell me she had something to give me as she urged me into her Psychic Reading store front/house. I wasn’t alarmed but I knew right away I was not going to give her money for a reading. She handed me a pink quartz, which I didn’t even know that’s what it was at the time, and she told me about how I needed this stone in my life, “It was to help with my love life”. This could be taken very vaguely because I feel that most people going to see a sidewalk psychic are probably looking for answers about their love life or finances. I took the stone from her, thanked her, and went on my way. Curious, I looked up the meaning of a pink quartz when I got home, and as I read about it, it did make sense, and actually pertain to areas of my life that needed improvement. I was in a toxic romantic relationship and a few of my, so called, friends were less than what I’d call genuine, maybe this crystal could help me out? And that is when my love and interest into crystal healing began. I tell you that story to now tell you that I believe that the crystals that you need will find you.

unnamed (2)
My first crystal, a pink quartz.


Laurie picking out crystals.

Several few months ago, my dearest friend, Laurie, asked me about crystals and told me she was interested in learning more about them. She borrowed a book of mine, but since she’s a busy mom, wife and teacher, the book never made it to the top of the reading pile. So a few days ago she asked me again, and since she has some time off from teaching, I decided to take her to one of the metaphysical shops here in Hawaii where I’ve purchased crystals myself.

I told Laurie to just look at all the crystals and see what she was drawn to. I asked her not to read the descriptions, just to look at the crystals and pick a few up and carry them around. Let her feel them in her hands, and when she found the right ones, she would know. I left her by herself to look over all the different choices. After awhile I went back and asked her what she found. She had picked out a beautiful Lithium Quartz point, a Green Calcite and Pink Quartz. She even said that when she was holding the pink quartz she felt her heart race, something she wasn’t expecting. I mentioned that this was a good thing, because it meant her body was just reacting to the stone and it had a healing property that she apparently needed. Small electric shock sensations, heat, coolness, and feelings of peace and calm are also great indicators of a crystal match. Some people might even experience a tingling in a particular chakra–especially the third eye chakra. If you don’t feel anything–don’t fret! Pick out a couple of crystals you really love for any reason. My best tip is don’t over-think it, but be sure to jot down what kind of crystals you bought so you won’t forget. When you get home and read more about your crystals online you’ll probably find that they are the perfect remedy for whatever you are going through. Since I know a big about crystals, I thought it was interesting that Laurie picked the 3 she did because they all actually were stones that would help aid her in a few things going on in her life at the moment.

The 3 crystals Laurie picked; A rose quartz (L), Lithium Quartz (TR), Green Calcite (BR)
The 3 crystals Laurie picked; A rose quartz (L), Lithium Quartz (TR), Green Calcite (BR)

I also want to add that maybe you’re not the type to just go in and feel for the right crystals to find you. You know what you want to fix already. A great way to start would be to heal that particular chakra that you know needs some extra support or love. Here are a description of the 7 chakras:

  • First Chakra (perineum, base of spine): protection, safety and comfort in your environment
  • Second Chakra (low belly, sacrum): abundance, power, sexuality, courage
  • Third Chakra (waist, solar plexus, bottom of the ribcage): inner-child-awakening, spontaneity, fun, joy, the ego, the will
  • Fourth Chakra (heart, chest): love, self-love, acceptance, compassion for self and others
  • Fifth Chakra (throat): communication, self-trust, channeling divine information
  • Sixth Chakra (third eye, between the eyebrows): intuition, ability to meditate, mental purity and clarity
  • Seventh Chakra (top of the head): This is the accumulation of all of the chakras and where we go up to contact the divine.

Also, a general deductive guide on stones can be based on the color. Certain colors are used in healing and magical manifestation with specific effects. You will find corresponding lore in chakra healing, color therapy, candle therapy, and flower healing. Here is a guide to tell you a bit about colors and what they correlate to.

  • Red: Grace, purification, tolerance, patience, focus, acceptance, passion, healing guilt, blame, and anger
  • Orange: Surrender, spiritual presence, valor, spontaneity, discrimination, happiness, joy, enthusiasm
  • Yellow: Gratitude, creativity, individuation, focus, inspiration, inventiveness, strength, courage, individuality
  • Green: Contentment, harmony, serenity, peace, balance, generosity, empathy, temperance
  • Blue: Charity, devotion, compassion, reciprocity, intelligence, humility, heart wisdom, purity
  • Indigo: Mercy, forgiveness, integration, wisdom, justice, intuition, synthesis, structure
  • Violet: Joy, freedom, abundance, detachment, centeredness, fairness, responsive, fortunate, inclusive
  • White: Integration, wholeness, foundation, spontaneity, cycles of fertility, potential, clarity, receptivity, directness



I told her that she would need to cleans the crystals before she used them. Lucky for us, we live right by the beach, so I suggested that she cleans them with some water from the ocean and sunlight. The full moon JUST passed last week, so this would be a alternative to clear them of any energy. Another way would be smudging, but any excuse to go to the beach, right? Other methods include burying crystals in the garden for a few days, leaving them for a while in a stream (pick a slow-running one, or they may no longer be there when you come back for them!) or leaving them outside overnight in normal water to bask in the moonlight. I even get lazy sometimes and just leave them on the window seal to bask in the moonlight.


There is no best way to use crystals as what certain types can offer vary from stone to stone and from day to day depending on your own energy and needs. Crystals can be carried around in your pocket, or bra, to clear energy or protect you, they can be used in meditation to help achieve certain goals–increased intuition, better focus, more peace and calm, etc and they can be used for manifestation. Laurie asked me what is the best way to use them during meditation, to hold them, or to just look at them, and I think that is a personal preference. I like to hold them, or place them on the chakra I know that will benefit from it. Some people even use crystal grids for manifestation, which is something I don’t know a whole lot about, but I think is beautiful. Like I said, it’s all just a personal preference.


The short answer is, no, but as with many objects used for divination and healing, a crystal can only do harm in the wrong hands. As a crystal healer I only use a crystal as a tool, and I’ll admit a great crystal does not make a great crystal healer, just as a great paintbrush does not make a great painter. You should always use your intuition when picking a healer, or picking a crystal to heal yourself.  You should try to buy crystals from a reputable supplier and, after receiving them, it is wise to cleanse them (see above) of any negative energy that they may previously have absorbed. Again use your intuition and you cannot go far wrong. If one day you feel a crystal no longer belongs in your home, it may be time to give it away. I’ve done this many times, I’ve had crystals that keep falling off the chain I’m wearing, or I just know they are not meant for me, and so I will clean them and send them to friends who I think will benefit from them.

I hope that this post has helped you in some way, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, or ask me on my Facebook page



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