March Fourth


Towards the end of March we will be seeing the Spring equinox happen. It happens to fall on the day of my sweet Vivi’s birthday. Vivi is the daughter to my Hawaiian bestfriend’s daughter, so it is pretty special. Other than the shock of Vivi turning 3, I think about the other things that the spring equinox brings, or what March has a whole will bring. March used to be my very favorite month. I loved the slight change in the air, from cold to not-so-cold, the flowers blooming, specifically, Bluebonnets in Texas , Tulips in Manhattan, and Azaleas in North Carolina. The month brings change, and it makes me think of the color green. Green grass, green leaves, green four leaf clovers, green beers.

The color green is also associated with our heart chakras, as we have mentioned in previous post. But something different is happening this month, something bigger, and we should talk about the opportunity we have for resets, choices, intentions. We have this opportunity to take action and move things, with the support of, not only the Spring equinox, but two eclipses. All of this change will be for internal and personal reasons. This will inspire you to collect some much-needed fuel, or fire, to “march fourth” your manifestations.

When you think about this sorta movement, and what it means to you personally, it can drag up some fears, no doubt. We might be worried about the control we have over certain situations, because things will be moving quickly and powerfully throughout your life. When we attempt to try and control all of the energy in our fears, it will bring anxiety, irrational behavior, aggressiveness, and panic.

The second worry we might have is all of the letting go of what is familiar, our safety zone, winter, etc…or the fear that this new change isn’t positive, and then you’re stuck with this thing you didn’t want.  What this month is going to teach you, is that it is your responsibility to let these fears go, and follow through and embrace the timing of these changes in your life. This is what you’ve asked for, this is when you should trust the Universe/Sprit/God in the delivery.

March always carries with it some big energy, and this month is no exception. We have a few days left to really set our intentions before the New Moon. There is work to be done on balancing and clearing what is in the way of what the rest of our year olds, so don’t hold yourself back, or let these fears distract or derail you.

So tell me your intentions, and lets discuss how to manifest them in a few days on the New Moon (March 8th).


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