Super Moon in Pisces

So perhaps all of you had a chance to think about the upcoming New Moon on March 8th. What you might not know, or maybe you do, is that it also happens to be a Supermoon, meaning it is closest to the Earth. Here in Hawai’I, I believe, it is very hard to ignore the effects of the energy, and especially the Moon’s energy. How can you not feel it? You’re surrounded by water on a tiny island. When a moon is that close to the Earth, it effects our tides, our bodies and emotions.  This will be the first of 4 Supermoons this year. So, what does that mean, really?  It means, in a sense, that a new door is open, and a new story is going to begin. The new moon is always the best time to set intentions for things we want to manifest, just as a solar eclipse is the best time to let go of all the old energy that we’ve been holding on to. When we do this, new energy can begin to grow.

Pisces, the fish, are the last sign of the zodiac. Fish live in water, and this sign is sorta symbolic of the Ocean; Pisces is a water sign. Pisceans are natural Empaths, and most of the time you will know you are talking to a Pisces because they will “feel” what you are feeling, and often get just as emotional as you do when telling your story.  This is one of the best virtues of the Pisces sign, they have compassion.

Compassion is something we need to have, not only for ourselves, but for all of life on this Earth. When we go through this New Supermoon on the 8th and 9th, be kind to yourselves, and be kind to others, because we are all experiencing this big change, together. Let go of any anger, let go of any negative feelings, and set your intentions on how to be a kinder, better, you.

I’m sending so much love to you all.


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