New Supermoon in Aries

Just one week into the new month and here we have a New Moon in Aries. Wow, that’s powerful! What this means is that we are going to be called to really examine our truth, what’s in your heart, what is your authentic self?  Since we are all channels of Source/God, in the past 5 years, the Universe has been going crazy, because of the Pluto-Uranus pairing, to help us all transition and break free of the illusion of who we are and what this life is all about. Have you felt it? During this time, we have been forced to let go, we have been challenged to the core, and more often than not, we all have been feeling a little crushed, maybe to the point where you felt broken, and it has lead you to your listen to yourself, your soul, and that spiritual longing. 

This is all leading to something good, we are becoming more aware, of ourselves, others, all living things, and the consciousness of the cosmos. We have been taking these leaps of faith by continuing to go on each time we felt defeated. And that has trained us to survive and, hopefully thrive, these past few years.

So this New Moon will bring even more of that to the surface. It will show you who you are becoming, that you are changing. It’s the first New Moon since the Spring Equinox, it also happens to be a Supermoon, like I mentioned, and that means, just like during a full moon, the moon is closer to the Earth. Even if you are somewhere tomorrow where the moon is not visible, don’t fret, it will still have a great influence on us all. Personally, I’m hoping my dear friend goes into labor and has her little boy.

New moons are always the best time to set intentions for new beginnings, and since this moon happens to be in Aries, it’s time to meditate about where you have come to at this point in your life, who you are in your soul, and then really be prepared to make that happen.  It will be a challenge, as Aries is known to be fiery and stubborn, but things that are important, or worth it,  rarely come easy. We all know this. That cosmic shift I mentioned that has been happening for the past 5 years made us prepared for challenges, for doubts and to face fear.

Whatever your intention may be, make it positive for yourself. Always send yourself some love. Know that after this New Supermoon, things are going to be different, prepare for the best. I suggest working with some Malachite, Tree Agate, Labradorite, or Chrysocolla You got this!

L to R: Malachite, Chrysocolla, Tree Agate, Labadorite

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