What Are Attunements in Reiki?

Hey Lovebugs!

Today I wanted to talk about attunements in Reiki, and why they are so important. I’ve seen the adverts in my social media feeds where you can become a Reiki master, in ONE weekend, for as little as $49. What?? Start a new career as a Reiki Master for less than $50? Heck yeah!! Seems too good to be true? Well, because it kinda is. I love that people are becoming more aware of our own, natural, ability to heal, and that there is this huge shift of energy happening where we realize that we don’t need to be dependent on pharmaceuticals to help us feel better. I also understand that finances may be tight, and that a step in any direction towards what you want to do, is better than staying where you are. So that’s why I want to bring up how important the actual attunements are, from a REAL Reiki Master. If you are honest, really honest with yourself, and you truly want to help others, you will understand that the attunement process is important when it comes to actual energy healing.

So, what does the word Attunement even mean? Attunement: noun- being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being “at one” with another being. 

How could you possibly get that through a CD, Webinar or book?  I remember when I received my initial Reiki attunement several years ago, that it was a very sacred process, it felt special, and you could actually feel the passing of the energy. Only a trained Reiki Master is able to give the attunement, and this is to accomplish two things. One is a very intense healing on the person receiving it, and it goes deep down into the energy channels, by opening and clearing them. This is so a rapid healing can begin for the newly attuned practitioner. When these channels are opened and cleared, it allows for greater healing to happen, and the Reiki energy can flow more freely through them. When you are attuned, you are then able to freely receive Reiki at all times, and this allows the practitioner to transmit that, and have it flow more easily through them to help a client heal.


So what does it feel like?During the attunement, the Reiki Master will ask you to close your eyes and become still and prayerful or meditative, looking within yourself for the meaning and symbolism of the process to you. You may be asked to focus on your breath and to notice your center. The Master will then draw symbols which represent various healing energies, such as the power of love, harmony, the Unity of All or God with us, and one that helps to dissolve the illusion of time and space. These will be drawn in your aura and on your hands. There are some slight variations aside from this in the ways that different Masters do an attunement, so these are only the basics, not the entire process. Most Masters begin and end the process with a brief prayer or intention, which may or may not be spoken aloud. When I had my first Reiki attunement, I could feel the energy flowing from my Master, Maureen’s, hands down my entire body. It was really intense actually, and I was immediately dripping with sweat. This doesn’t always happen to everyone, and everyone else in the class didn’t seem to have the same reaction I did, but it varies. Everyone is different and every session will be different, this is normal.
Now, I am sure that there are those who have worked with energy healing much longer than I have, and when they took their first Reiki class. They may question why it is necessary to be initiated into something that they believed already existed within them. To this, I have two responses; would the student believe in this natural gift from Spirit of healing self and others without the ritual? Secondly, as the definition in Oxford Dictionary indicates, initiation is also “admission to the knowledge or instruction in the elements of any subject or practice.” Is this not the process that Dr. Usui went through when he received the Reiki keys to healing from Spirit? If you have really studied Reiki, and understood it, then you know the answer to this.

As a practitioner, and someone who is just generally interested in the Energy Healing, (obviously) I have seen many reactions to the process of receiving an initiation. In varying degrees each person has been touched in some special way by Spirit. Initiations are a part of the process of that reconnection to Spirit and a beginning of a new or renewed walk down the path of life. I still, very vividly, as I mentioned above, remember my first attunement to Reiki, and all the feelings I had during the special time. If you are thinking about taking a Reiki class, then know that the healing energies that you were born with will only expand as Reiki begins to flow through your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Lots of Love,



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